Critical Evaluation

Throughout negotiated makeup project, I was constantly learning and developing along side new techniques. This project helped me develop the skills, and Qualities that it takes to become a makeup artist. These are demonstrated throughout my research and within my collaborative final shoot. I feel I met all the tasks outlined in the brief. As my work developed and I came across problems and complications, this meant these had to be changed and compromised within a few days. I don’t think this had a bad effect on my overall performance, although it did improve me as a makeup artist. This gave me the ability to use my initiative, overcoming obstacles and working under pressure. I feel my makeup could have been a lot more complex, although due to complications with the mould I had to rethink my concept.

I demonstrated my research based upon the myths, legends and folklores. I followed with research on mystical fairies and creatures, involving human and animal transformation. I displayed my technical work through evidence on a visual blog, and a sketchbook showing the development of ideas, concepts through photos and designs. I feel that trial and improvement is a vital part to the development and success of a final makeup.

I handled my time very well, I choose 3 hours for my Initial makeup, I think this was a reasonable time for the piece I choose to do, and kept within this.

The final Makeup showed a range off techniques and skills that where learnt throughout the term, as well as using techniques I have already established. I used a range of skills from fibre glassing, flat pieces to create my overall look.

As the project developed, so did my ideas and concepts for my final makeup and the context it was set. As my original concept didn’t go as planned, I had to rethink my concepts and re design this meant changing original ideas. My final makeup couldn’t be as complex, which compromised the final shoot. The Final makeup became an editorial Prosthetic based shoot, shot in the woodland area. This worked well with the character I created, I worked along side photographer Adam Roberts to get the best possible outcome.

I felt this was the best way in which to capture this makeup, basing the final shoot on the creature. I was really happy with my final outcome, as even though I had a lot of obstacles to face, I feel it resulted in the best possible outcome. This project was a massive learning curve, and has taught me a lot leading me into level 6.


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