Final Makeup

For my final assessment, i was quite confident. I had a few hiccups along the way with redesigning my final makeup at the last minute due to mould trouble. Apart from this i was ready and set with my new pieces and designs. As described in previous post, i create four flat pieces that together created an over all look that could directly link to my design before.

For my assessment i had 3 hours, i had planned out exactly how i was going to apply and finish the makeup. I wanted to start with the prosthetic flat pieces and follow with the hair and then horns. This worked as it organised my time. I didn’t pre paint my pieces so i needed to organise my time well.

IMG_7306 IMG_7307

Before i applied anything, i prepped the face with moisturiser and primer as this will act as a great base for the makeup, and let the glue have less of a harsh effect on the face. I used Aqua fix to apply my prosthetic flat pieces, as i knew from my design where to put these it wasn’t a problem. I started with the forehead piece and then moved onto the side of cheeks and then the neck, i used IPA to blend them into the skin, i was really happy as they has nice clean edges, i had prepared a few of each flat piece and picked the best on the day. This meant i had extra for if anything went wrong with a piece. I used illustrator palette to colour and blend the flat pieces into the skin, i used the natural colours in the skin, as well as adding blues and reds. Once they were coloured to the tone i wanted to match her skin, i then applied a foundation, i wanted her to look flawless almost, a really pretty version of herself that has transformed into this horrible being. I added a light eyeliner and mascara, deciding against using eyelashes and i wanted it to look really natural and less made up. This is why i decided originally to go with nude powdered lips.

I used crimpers to crimped the hair, this added volume to the hair and made it a lot thicker, i then back combed it all over creating more of a main, i made a bouffant on the top of the head and pull the hair back at the sides. Once i had the bases all done, hair and flat pieces, i started to add the horns, i used sculpt gel to do this, i liked the idea that it created that the horns where bursting from the skin. I used illustrator palette to colour this and blend it into the rest of the skin and flat pieces.

IMG_7313 IMG_7316 IMG_7319

I was really happy with my overall look, especially after changing my designs at the last minute. I thought it really showed that i could work under pressure and that my original design was workable and changeable, that t could vary in the way it was produced making it replicable.  I thought my edges turned out well and were clean and not visible. I found sculpt gel was hard to blend in areas that horns where in the way but in the end this added to the effect. Trying to apply colour to the sculpt gel was hard as the flickering technique wouldn’t work as it would have tinted the horns. so i just a small sponge and brush to dabe colour on in different stages. My overall really worked and followed my design. If i was doing it again i think i would have added more horns maybe coming back into the hair and down the arms. This didn’t look any worse for not having them but i think in every makeup i do i always find something i can work on. I found in the pictures i took i couldn’t really see the blueness of the veins come through, this is maybe something for me to think about, making colour more pigmented so that it can be seen in images although I felt this was visible on the day, it didn’t show.

I decided upon taking my pictures in a rural outdoor scene, my original plan was to shoot swell as have a short film i had to change this after my original makeup changed. I changed to a forest shoot with photographer Adam Roberts. I have worked with him before on collaborative shoots and we work well together. I find when working on a shoot ideas from both parts help make it a better shoot and the images benefit from this. I took a few sneak peaks on the shoot as i had to wait few days on my final edits.

IMG_7344 IMG_7360 IMG_7347


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