I had a play around with some flat pieces on the leg, i thought this would be the best way to test colours and test applying the neck piece, although it was to a different surface. I used one of my less best flat pieces to do this so i could save materials, running more. I used aqua fix to stick these to the skin and then illustrator palette to colur it to blend it into the skin to look more realistic.IMG_7242

when creating the veins i wanted to make them look as realistic as possible. I think i am very confident int creating a skin colour but i wasn’t as sure about the veins, i thought it would be best to test some, so that if it fails i could correct and perfect for the assessment day. I decided to experiment with ideas of how to colour it, i stuck with illustrator palette. I firstly thought i would turn the flat piece upside down and paint the veins under the piece, so that it would look like it was under the flat piece rather than painted on top. I wasn’t really sure what size, and how strongly pigmented i wanted them. so this practice was vital.  I found that the brush i used was too thick but id didn’t realise this until i had it painted on, so i decided after the first vein to go smaller.

I wasn’t really happy with this practice i found that it didn’t really look realistic. i originally wanted strong harsh veins but i felt this wasn’t working, and that maybe a more subtle vein would look more realistic and better for my final outcome. I also tired applying some burst blood vessels using red. again i thought the same as before that it needed to be more subtle than protruding. I found that the flat pieces of the producing lumps was effective enough on its on rather than adding more.IMG_7248

I then decided to practice just on the skin, following natural veins, this made it more natural. I made them more vibrant that they could be seen but less in your face that they looked unrealistic. I used a little thin brush to add small thin broken lines of red/blue and purple.IMG_7250 IMG_7253 IMG_7252


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