Silicone Painting.. (NOTES)

When painting silicone nothing as an all over base colour nothing will stick, Nothing sticks to silicone except silicone. This means i needed to either buy silicone paints or else make them. As a student it is probably cheaper to make my own paint as they can be quite expensive For example Fuse FX silicone paint.  You can get two types of paint, Fw ink or oil paints, you can mix these with a product that is silicone based. Product called physco paint.

  • 3 types of silicone.
  • Solvent, delemine, toluene
  • Naphtha (degreasers in industry)
  • (premium low oder white spirits – UN NO.1268

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 15.37.02


When painting there is all different techniques to painting, it can be quiet a delicate process so care when painting is vital. Cleaning the surface is a must, wiping it down with alcohol or acetone, and taking care you don’t touch with your hand as it will transfer dirt and grease. To get colours use a mixing palette and maybe a palette knife, suggested knife – (92 taranties London)

When painting, it is suggest to paint a base, then used a cut angled brush, then after mixing the paint use a chuffed brush to add random dabs of colour, using  a fresh brush to dab off. Using the natural skin colours of the skin (blues and reds)

Always a good idea, is work with a dirty palette which has a mixture of all the colour, this will create a natural colour.

Another technique is the flick technique, keep the pieces translucent and use an angled brush to flick on the colour and build it up as you go. After flicking take of the over pigmented or obvious colour this will make it look more natural.



Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 15.30.23


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