Running My Mould In Different materials

I firstly ran my mould with Gelatine, this was initially to remove any dirt or clay left, but then after this i decided i would try and create a piece from it, and maybe experiment. This helped me get used to using the fibreglass squish method before using the more expensive material of plat gel silicone. When i ran it in Gelatine it took a few attempts to get the poring method and angles right. This worked well as gelatine is reusable, so i could keep attempting to get it perfect.

IMG_6869 IMG_6873 IMG_6877 IMG_6876 IMG_6875


After I took the gelatine i realised it was unusable even to experiment as there would be no thin edges, When i cut it it would just be sharp thick gelatine, This would make it very hard to blend, i never intended in running it in gelatine but i felt it was beneficial for learning how to go through the process of the squish method. This also gave me a insight into how it would look when it came out in silicone, When i seen this i was curious of why the gelatine was so thick and none had ran away and it was thick in all areas. At this stage i had thought this was just to do with gelatine, As it never really creates a think neat edge.

I decided i needed to run a test piece in silicone swell to try and work out what was going wrong, and see if it worked in silicone. Silicone is a more complicated product as it comes in 2 parts and can be bonded with deadener to soften. Before i decided to mix products i measured my clay used in the sculpt in grams and doubled this, to gain the amount of silicone i needed. I always like to work with 25% deadener When using platt gel 00. This leaves it soft but contains the shape. In the past i have made the mistake to over deaden and this can make the piece sink. I used 100 of AB and 50 Deadener and mixed it with a little skin flesh pigment and flocking.

When i opened the mould i was really happy, it looked perfect. Although as i didn’t use enough pigment the silicone was quite clear and it was hard to see exactly.

IMG_6885 IMG_6886 IMG_6887


IMG_7069 IMG_7066

When i started to buff it off with powder i became to see a problem. This was the same problem as before with the gelatine, The silicone wasn’t completely releasing  and was leaving thick layer all over the face. It was creating a full face prosthetic, this isn’t what i had intended.  This left me with a piece that had been moulded to be applied as a full face, I couldn’t do this as, when i sculpted i cover the eyes and lips with clay to stop locks. This is where i went wrong in this process, I created one large wall right around the outer edge of the full sculpt, I was unaware that i needed to divide each section with a wall. This meant the silicone in the middle and around areas of the piece the silicone wasn’t releasing and was leaving a thick layer of silicone skin. This was a big problem, as i was new to this i wasn’t aware of what to do or how to resolve it, at this stage i didn’t even know what i had done wrong. I ask for advice, and this is when i realised what i had done wrong. Unfortunately the stage in which i went wrong meant i could re do this in the time frame i had, this would have meant sculpt and fibreglassing again. I needed to find a solution to this problem, although i was quite worried i tried to remain calm and seek the best from a bad situation. This was a big learning curve, simple mistakes can cause big problems. I had a few options.  I wanted to try and fix the mould and try and save some of the pieces. I decided i was going to drill 6″ holes into the eyes and mouth, and hopefully this would release the silicone and leave me with a thinner edge.

IMG_7070 IMG_7071


From this i was really hoping for the best, and useable pieces. And When i took it out again i thought it had worked apart from the some baldies not bonding with the silicone,which is resolvable, until i powdered it and released there was still a silicone skin. This meant the holes weren’t going to work.

IMG_7074 IMG_7075

Although the holes i created did release more silicone, due to not having a wall to trap it, it didn’t leave a flashing, which meant i had no edges and the silicone wasn’t thin enough. This meant i had to go back to the drawing board and re- think my idea, and this stage i was quite worried but i knew i had to carry on and try and resolve the issue. From this set back i has two options, i could tear/cut this piece into sections and try and blend it  best i could using sculpt gel, or change my design to work with flat pieces. At this stage i was willing to try any method to save my sculpt and makeup as time was running out.

I decide that i would attempt to divide the piece by hand and salvage anything i could by apply them. I wasn’t sure if this was going to work but i had to experiment and see what i could do.

From this i feel i have learnt a lot, Simply from realising the mistake i made, and where i went wrong. It was a massive set back but i feel that now i have learnt from my mistake and this was a learning curve, and that it can only mean that i can improve and not make the mistake again. I always see a mistake as a way of improving and developing. From this i have learnt to deal with pressure as well as over come obstacles that you don’t plan on, as timing no longer fits.I have learnt that no matter how many times u check. or what u think you know mistakes happen. Its about over coming the problem and creating a solution. I’m not happy this has happened but i tired not to let it dishearten me as mistakes like this happen, In the industry set backs happen regularly and you have to use initiative. This is what i intend to do, Things don’t always work.


write about how beautiful the actual pieces turned out but can use them …

really detailed and would be nice as a full face although the eyes and mouth are cover, as well as having no skin texturing over the silicone layer.


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