Rethinking my concept

What happened

I went through the process of fibreglassing and sculpting on top of the fibreglass face mould, but as i built the wall around the face, i just built one. where as after i had fibreglasses over my sculpt i realised this wasn’t correct, i was meant to built a series of small walls around the smaller areas i had sculpted to create flashing in all areas, this left me with just one full face with noway to change it or blend. This made the mould unusable, not for the lack of trying. I tried to recover what i could from the piece but it just wasn’t workable. I knew i had re-gig my project and makeup ideas to fit my time frame. Luckily my concept and idea was flexible. My design i had made was fit to be replicable so this meant i could remake it in different way. Unfortunately as fibreglassing takes a lot of time, which i didn’t have, i could redo this, it would have been the most ideal situation but with only few days until assessment i had to work with what i had. I decided i could do my final assessment with flat pieces, i could change the shape of the pieces and make them on a flat board. As i had little time, i had to put a lot of man hour in to try and make these pieces in the time i had left. I found this very difficult as pressure did built. But i was confident that i could do it.

What i have learnt

This was a great learning curve, as mistakes can happen very easily. I was very dishearten and disappointed when it happened but this can only be seen as a positive that this won’t happen me in final year or in the industry. I was happy that i was quick to overcome the obstacle, i think it taught me to keep calm and carry on, and finding another way around it. It was a lot of work but in the end i think it worked out..

My flat pieces where similar but changed the design to fit flat pieces better, i think this might even work better, this would have been more cost effective and maybe time effective from the start but with fibreglassing a bigger piece i would have got a more spatular makeup, i am happy that i have learnt the technique of fibreglassing as this is method used in the industry and i can also use next year, the mistake i made will hopefully make me improve my technique and learn for next time, as it was a simple but easy mistake to make. I feel by doing this i have not only improve my ability to adapt a makeup but my ability to work under pressure, when i first released the outcome of my mould i was instantly stressed, i need to push forward and come up with a solution. As seen before i tried to work with the piece i got but unfortunately i felt it was un workable, so i decided to re-think my idea, i didn’t change my concept but used my original sculpt and changed them into flat pieces. I changed small parts of this to make the makeup more substantial.



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