When designing my final makeup i knew i wanted something coming through the skin an growing out, i decided upon small horns, as i got inspiration from a earlier image. I took a lot of my image and research i done and combined these to come up with style i would like..I like in this image there is lots of small little spiked and horns from the eye area, this is the kind of shape i would like, i like that they are all small, but i would like mine to range in size, making more of an effected that they are still growing, some more developed than others.. I researched into different types of mystical horns/vines/tentacles.


I wanted to keep my horns within the mysterical wood creature effect. On pintrest i found a number of images i really liked and wanted to use in the designing of my horns. I want to keep the horns quiet simple.As i don’t want them to take away from the Makeup, but make it look better. They need to be effective but subtle.

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 13.30.48

I like the idea of having them similar colour to trees. Woodland/forest effect! I want them to be quiet small, not like antlers as it wouldn’t fit with my concept. They need to be small shaped and fit into my prosthetic pice while stick to the face.. This meant they needed to be a light material.


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