Good Faeries/ bad faeries

I found this wonderful book. It was filled with images and stories about the faery world. It was an amazing book that really helped me when i was designing my character. Although i hadn’t originally wanted my makeup to be faery like. These images don’t particularly look very faery like. I think its because when someone imagines a fairy they think of this girly tinker bell, they don’t consider there creature like features or the elements they posses, that every fairy has a different power and different symbol. I wanted to really look into this book as i thought it would have the key to the different ideas and they way i would like my final makeup to look. i gathered a few of my favourite images from it. I started to draw a few of these into my own  small sketches. In a lot of these pictures all the fairies have a lot of mystical things about them, but what i love most is each one has a story behind them.

They take symbols or one of the elements and have developed them into the characters. I really like this ideas, and feel i could use this to my advantage when creating my character.

As i really liked this book, i wanted to try and incoperate the relation of these into my creature/Banshee makeup. A lot of these had glowing mystical wings and tentacles, which i loved but realistically they were more animated, i needed to find a creature i could really combine with my ideas. I loved the concepts of these images, the tentacles. I wanted to come up with an idea that i could symbolise these.IMG_5952 IMG_5953

I love the ideas and concept of every faery having a meaning, rather than just being a figure of imagination. They are the meaning behind the seasons, elements and healing.. I wasnt particularly looking to create a faery and in this book there was also little small creatures, The Arval parrot and owling byrrd, they were little small creatures that lived in trees and took the interest in birds. I love this idea that it protects humans, and this of the forest, Again it has similar traits with the little horns or tentacles.

IMG_5955 IMG_5956

All these images are similar to my concept of the transformation between human and creature, Living thing. They almost have human traits with an elements or there particular magic. All these are humans hiding behind masks maybe? It brings me back to my original thought of a beautiful woman, that can control what is taking over her, good or bad?IMG_5960

This image doesn’t really strike me, it looks too harsh but i really do like the horns, its more realistic towards my design. i liked the idea that they have grown from the forehead. This could be something i look into.IMG_5962 IMG_5965 IMG_5968 IMG_5971

The more images i look at in this book the more certain i have became about my idea. I want to create a creature that is transforming into some sort of element faery. Below is my favourite images they don’t particularly look like faeries but are considered faeries. I love the woodland effect, leaves and again the fact they are like horns growing from the head. I really like the way the hair is, it is big and bushy! both these images you can’t tell if the creature is bad? They are both beautiful, but with something that makes them unique and different. Keeps you interested. These are going to be the basis for my design along with other images i have came across in the past.

IMG_5972IMG_5975 IMG_5976 IMG_5979


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