Development of ideas.

After i realised the hiccup with my mould i had no time to fuss i had to come up with a quick solution, i decided i wanted to try save some of the pieces, I tried to tare up the piece into section and work with them

I initial idea was to try and experiment and do a run through practice of the makeup this would give me the basic idea if the pieces would work or not and or if they could be salvaged.

I started with applying the forehead piece, i used aqua fix to apply it. I straight away knew that it was going to be hard to blend the edges into the skin, the edges where i tore the silicone was really thick, the tare didn’t even look natural. I attempted to blend the edges with sculpt gel, this usually works and can create quite a nice effect but this just didn’t work.

IMG_7077 IMG_7078 IMG_7079 IMG_7080 IMG_7087 IMG_7086 IMG_7082 IMG_7092

The edges where very noticeable, an as a piece it didn’t work. I applied my mulliput spikes on top of the piece. i decided to colour these a skin tone, but i found this didn’t work with the piece, i think i am going to change this to either a off white or else brown depending on more research into creatures and how my next piece turns out. This gave me a chance to practice colouring of the piece as i will still be working with silicone even if i don’t go ahead with using these pieces. i could practice the colouring of the veins and make them look as realistic as possible!  As a whole piece when practising i knew it wasn’t working and couldn’t vision me doing this on my assessment day, i needed to come up with a better solution to overcome this. I decided i need to go back to drawing board and re – think. i didn’t want to change my concept but maybe simplify the makeup, not taking away from the over all effect. I decided that i would take my sculpt and re make the sculpt into smaller flat pieces. They wouldn’t be a full piece, but smaller individual pieces that could be applied separately rather than the full piece from the fibreglass mould.  I felt this meant i needed to rethink time management and re arrange my days and make a plan to make sure i could make these and run them in the time i had left.

I want to make sure my pieces where as similar as possible to my original sculpt and concept, i decided that i couldn’t use my original design and i needed to go back and change this, I didn’t need to simplify the concept but just the method of application and designing of makeup.

So i had decided that i was going to remake my sculpt into flat pieces and apply it like that, using original concept but mix up the design to work with my method. This was disappointing as i was really happy with my sculpt and i honestly thought it would have been a beautiful piece if it had of worked, but unfortunately these things happen and i had to use my initiative, i feel this was a massive learning curve for me and that in the future i would not make this mistake again, it also makes me aware that i always need to double check that things are right, i am learning and it was a new process. I feel that even though i made the decision to go with flat pieces this was the best decision in the long run for my final makeup. I am happy that i have went through the process of fibreglassing to the final step so that in further projects i already know what to do and i can now improve as i know what went wrong. It it very disheartening that it was the simplest mistake. But thankfully and hopefully this problem can be overcome.

I started to sculpt new pieces, These were to be similar to my fibreglass sculpt but made in a different process.

I split my original sculpt design into four pieces ranging in sizes, i felt this was the best way to do this. I created a head piece, check pieces and then piece for the neck, I plan to used the check pieces and neck piece as duplicates to recreate the design of my sculpt. The pieces i created are in similar size to the ones in my fibreglass mould.IMG_7105 IMG_7108

I decied to change the design of the forehead slightly so that it would fit as a flat piece. I created an open wound that the spikes would descend from. This now actually works better as it will look like they have grown up the skin and busted out.

IMG_7109 IMG_7113 IMG_7114

The necks for the veins i kept exactly the same as those on the original sculpt, I just created protruding veins to run down the neck.IMG_7119

This piece i changed, on the side of my original sculpt there was tiny little veins but i decided to change this and create a thicker being with smaller leading off and a circle at the top for the spike to come through…


When i looked at all these together i felt they worked really well and i was very happy, it made me feel a lot better that my final outcome would be ok and successful rather than a disaster. IMG_7126I built small walls around them all to trap the silicone, i chose not to create two walls to save time, This was a risk but the With only days to my assessment i had to take a chance.


I took a quick picture of the set up of how i would like my flat piece to work with the spikes, this gives me a rough idea if it will work or not. I think from this it looks good and effective.

Once i had finished sculpting, texturing and the sculpts they were ready to mould and set. I used platsill 10 to do this as i wanted a harder mould to work with.

IMG_7138  IMG_7144 IMG_7146 IMG_7147 IMG_7149i was really happy with the turn out of my moulds, they were perfect. This restored faith that my makeup could still look beautiful and work well. From this it was time to run these In silicone to create my flat pieces.

As these were average size i decided to run these all together, this saved time and silicone, i weighted the clay that i used in the sculpt and used this to advise me on what gram of silicone to use in my moulds.  First time i used 25 of A&B and 5 of Deadner, This turned out to be slightly too much so i lowered it to 20 of A&B

IMG_7156 IMG_7152 IMG_7163 IMG_7159 IMG_7158 IMG_7157 IMG_7165

I was really happy with the turn out of my silicone pieces, they worked really well and they edges are really thin, making it a lot easier to blend, and over all make it look better than the original makeup plan. Before my assessment i plan to apply these and practice my final makeup.



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