I designed what i imagined i wanted my creature to look like, I took a lot of my inspiration from the Brian Froud book ‘Good and bad Faeries’. It gave me an insight into faeries, not just the tales but a mystical life. I really loved the idea, of the Vains running up the neck and into the face changing this beauty into a creature. I started sculpting on top of the fibreglass cast of my models face, this is so my prosthetic will fit exactly onto my models actual face and i don’t have to worry about size.  I used monster clay, this was new clay to me but i really enjoyed using it, it was less sticky, although quite hard, it took time to heat and soften. When sculpting the veins i originally wanted to sculpt them into flat pieces, to save time on the sculpting process but when i started sculpting i realised that it would look a lot more effective as a closed mould piece. As seen in my design i wanted the veins running up the neck and onto the face, changing the beauty into a creature.

IMG_6521 IMG_6524 IMG_6535

I started off with sculpting protruding veins into the neck and chest, i didn’t want these to look natural, i wanted them to be quite obvious and almost painful. Originally i had 3 striking veins running up the neck, but i took  a few photos and looked back and realised that this wasn’t working, so instead i took away one and moved the veins to either sides of the neck area. This looked more realistic.I found that when sculpting veins, watching tutorials of others to find techniques that make it easier and make it look more effective.

I found that while sculpting that my designs changed, and that my perspective changed too, It was a lot easier to see something wasn’t going to work when it was in 3D. From this i had to tweak designs and compromise. A lot of what i designed i found wouldn’t and couldn’t work, and i had to find an alternative to this.

IMG_6543 IMG_6544 IMG_6547 IMG_6552

I realised that the small fine detail on the forehead i couldn’t use, it would be impossible not to damage it in the process of fibreglassing. I really loved this idea as it came from my initial inspiration. I thought about what u could do, maybe sculpt them separately as flat pieces and place them on. I really enjoyed sculpting this piece, it took a lot of time and patience to get the fine detail, i found using smaller tools helped a lot, changing the shape of a tool too.IMG_6556


After spending a few hours on this i realised exactly what i wanted to change and what would work and what wouldn’t, i decided to draw up another design to reflect my changes and work with it. After looking at this i started from scratch on the forehead and changed the design. i continued the idea of the beans but further up the face and cheeks leading onto the forehead.

IMG_6630 IMG_6631 IMG_6635 IMG_6636When i was sculpting i began to think about textures, i was curious what would look better a natural vein, or a tree root effect, this was a tough decision and through trial and error i would get it right. I used both subtle and protruding veins on the face.IMG_6654 IMG_6648 IMG_6649i changed the forehead design to something different than my previous design, and i much prefer it, I have designed it that below the skin is something growing and that the veins are symbol of this, and on the forehead is where the object is coming out. She is transforming into a creature. At this stage i still haven’t textured, i wanted to get the sculpting all done and then focus on tidying and texturising the piece. I really liked this piece but i felt it still needed more detail, i wanted to add more definition.


I used lighter fluid to smooth and wipe away excess clay, this is a great way to soften the clay aswel to make it more workable.  I also used the lighter fluid to clean round the edged of clay and the fibre lass mould.

IMG_6661 IMG_6663I started to add a lot more detail, smaller veins and lumps on the veins to gain a more defined and realistic look. I added areas of clay on the chest and forehead so i can use this as a base to stick other moulds and pieces to.

Before i started to mould the piece, i made yet again another few changes, i looked at my deigns, took pictures and played about. I took Away some veins and my lower chest piece of dots, i felt it didn’t work, and maybe i could do this using a flat piece instead. This would mean i could consider whether or not to use it on the final makeup after test runs.

Once i had perfected my sculpt to my design, i started to texture all over it to get rid of tool marks, i used a stipple sponge to make a soft but rough texture over the clay, i liked the effect this gave to the piece and it worked really well. I added fine detail over the veins, i used the wrinkle tool to add lines to make the texture of skin as well as creating a different but cool effect. I am really happy with my sculpt, i felt it took a range of designs to get it right. Once it was finished i used a soft brush and powder to finish it.

Before i could fibreglass the sculpt i built a wall around the edges and created wholes for keys, i found this quite tricky, as it all about size and thickness trying to get it write, i found that Stan winston website was very helpful in guiding me through this. It helped me learn the basics on fibreglassing and techniques to do so quickly and correctly.

IMG_6686 IMG_6684

I had to redo this wall a few times, it was too thick and then too thin, and too wide, this tested my patience! But i finally got it right after much practice. This means it was ready to fibreglass!

I started to sculpt some flat pieces onto a board, i was originally just playing about, seeing what worked and what didn’t, and how big i could make a flat piece. I wanted to create horns, i thought the best way to create these would be flat pieces that could stick onto the silicone.

IMG_6559 IMG_6557

Once i sculpted these i realised that this wasn’t going to work and there could be a better solution. I decided to make these From milliput a two part proxy. This is a moulding clay that can set in a few hours, i can then paint them and stick them upon the silicone.


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