Sculpting veins..

Before i started to sculpt my veins, i did a lot of research into the anatomy of the veins to get them correct, but i also wanted to look at tutorials of how to sculpt a veins and was there any techniques out there that would help me in this process.


After watching this tutorial i wanted to start having a go with sculpting on a small areas, and making samples before i started on my face and neck.

Aswell as watching this tutorial i wanted to get some research on veins and images that i could relate to. This would make it easier to decide what exact shape and texture i wanted. I wasn’t sure what kind of vein i wanted.. Was it just a human vein, or something growing inside. I got inspired by these images to create what i have. I love the idea of a protruding vein..

4dd929f7ab38ae5fe47054bfa0d55b25  bde2fee7cb4b46a5772f569af5d215f7 533ab2d2e1c1d7689ca974226bd57dd7cd45da0587ca99331ab0c21edebbf35a

I really like the thickness and shape of these veins, they almost look as if something is growing underneath the skin, and ready to come out from under the skin. This is a really interesting concept and is very similar to black swan. From this i wanted to look at objects growing from the skin, maybe something from the forest, bird environment.

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 12.44.35

i love the idea of this growing from the skin, although its not very original and i can’t make tree branches. I wanted to take this concept and develop it into my idea.. i would prefer to use horns, but relate it to the forest. Maybe tree stumps.. The shape of veins are very like the shape of the tree branch, uneven and scattered. The image above of the tree in the back is exactly what i would like the shape of the veins to be like..






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