FashionEditorial/ Wedding Makeup Tutorials

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Laura gave us a demo of a fashion editorial look and a wedding look, this was great benefit to me as on the side of my course i would like to start a mini business doing beauty makeups and wedding makeups. This would help me fund the courses expenses which would be ideal. She showed us two looks, Fashion Editorial, and wedding makeup on dark skin. She broke the makeup down into simple step, i find that every makeup artist is different though and will use different techniques, as even as she explain i thought how i would do it differently. My own style. She firstly gave us tips on how to prep the skin..

  • Cleanse the skin – Moisturiser, eye cream, primer. (oily skin- matt primer)(dry – hyrdrating)
  • Lavender base if you have rosacea, if not a beige pink primer

When working with foundations it is better to use a foundation that is one shade lighter than natural. It is key to look and see what the natural skin town is, is it pink or yellow based. putting the foundation in the centre of the face and working/blending it outwards. You can use a clean brush to do this which will give u a nice finish. On the eyes you don’t need much, use a natural eye primer which will give u a base. Recommended brush for this technique was MAC 159

I work a lot differently as i would do the base and my countering on the face firstly but she don’t it differently, starting with the eye makeup, i think it can work either way, just depending on which way u would rather work.

For the eyes she used a pencil brush(2) creating colour in the crease into a C shape. Using a bigger brush she added a base colour, middle shading using a circle motion to apply. to add the darker shade use a smaller pencil brush, shimming at the lash lint and underneath until half way across. If there is any excess pigment or powder just wipe away with wet wipe to pull across up to where the brow meets, this will also create a sharp line in the eye makeup which is effective.

She then concealed… She used a light shade under the eyes and the sides of the eyes creating a C shape. Then around the chin nose and cupid bow. depending on skin type,tone, you can conceal with different shades.

  • blue or cold – red concealer
  • red/purple tones – yellow concealer


after this you buff it all in with a wide buffing brush giving a nice finish to the foundation.  Using a mineralised powder she created a halos around the face, this was used as a shading tool to contrast the colours on the face.

She recommended for the brows, using clear brow gel to groom, and then mr brow wax to colour. personally i like to use a powder or shadow for this,, it gives more of a natural looks. Using an angled brush sketch in the brow from the bottom, edging the product through and then fill with deep brown eyeshadow, with a thicker brush then comb the brows upwards. Highlighting the brows is a brilliant effect , using a light shimmer or a loose vanilla powder to contour under the brow bone.

For the Lips, its again personal preference on colour, and most clients will suggest there own. But lip prep is also important. You need to hydrate the lips so they are not dry. Using a light vasaline or lip bam. Using a finger push gently under the lin creating a surface to rest your pencil, this will seal your lipstick/gloss. Then apply all over the lip with a brush. There is loads of different colour to choose for different occasions, she chose red for a high end fashion look. to finish it you want a glossy look at a clear gloss over the lips! Then add a blush to add colour to the face, again its preferable. I found that wedding makeup and fashion editorial wasn’t all that different, wedding makeup its just a lot more softer and subtle. Using different shades and colours you can create your own individual look.

Below is one of the makeups i have done for a wedding, my lovely client Caoimhe wanted a glamorous look but as it was for a wedding she still wanted it subtle and understated. I gave her a light base with highlighted cheeks and contouring, I followed the step that Laura taught me changing things slight to the way in which i work.

IMG_4581Images and description

some of my own images.


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