Body Painting

As another skill we learnt to body paint, this is another brilliant skill to have in our portfolios. We learnt a series of techniques of how to brush on and blend the paint taught throughout tutorials from carolyn cowan..


I found body painting a lot like actual painting, taking a blank canvas and colouring using colours and shades. I used the Arm area for my first piece of body painting as this was the most suitable place to work. From the videos we watched in class of body painting i want overly impressed by her work, so i wanted to investigate a little bit more into body painting and others who specialise in it. I also looked at 2012 world body painting competition, this gave me and insight into body painting and the detail and finish professionals put into it. This gave me a different view from just body painting in a studio it explained that there are different locations and they might not all work out the same.


Both these Videos gave me inspiration to do my own body paint, unfortunately i didn’t have the time to complete a full body, but i did create a arm piece, i didn’t do anything egtravagant but used my techniques learnt in class, such as blending and painting over paint. I used 4 colours to complete my piece, Blue, Pink, White and black. I didn’t work from a photo but my imagination to create something unique.

I created mood boards on Pintrest of lots of different body painting that i really liked or where linked into my project, I really enjoy body painting but unfortunately i don’t think i need this technique in this makeup, although it was brilliant to be able to learn about and how to perform a body paint for the future projects.

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 00.42.58 Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 00.42.04Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 00.41.54Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 00.42.13Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 00.41.32



I Started with just two plain colours and blended them together, this stage worked well as there was just two colours in the mix. To blend them together i just ran a damp brush through goths paint backward and forwards in motion, as well as using my finger to smudge it together.

IMG_6216 IMG_6217 IMG_6224

As i just worked from my imagination, the finish product was just a creative design rather than anything, i was really happy with it as it was bright and vibrant with various colours blended through and connected. IT worked really well and turned out to be a good piece. At times i found it hard to blend the colours without running another, but i feel that practice will make perfect in this case, practicing the blending is defiantly something i want to work on.


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