My Model : Katie Turner

For my model i am using an actor from 2nd year, Katie Turner. For this project i wanted to try my best to get an actor as i feel that they will be able to interoperate the character better and play a better role. I hope that she will be able to get involved with the character i am creating and make it not just be a makeup but make the makeup come to life. I was very careful when picking my model, i knew exactly what i was looking for. I wanted a female, with a slim figure and good bone structure, that would be able to pull of my tightening vein approach. I wanted her to have long hair so that i could incorporate the hair into my design while making extra wefts for the hair. Katie was perfect for my initial ideas! She is a very beautiful, i think although her prosthetics will be scary and horrible looking, her beauty will allow for my idea of a beautiful creature to come through.



After i got my model i wanted to get some close up photographs of Kate, i took shots front the left and ride side, and a front view, this allowed me to use my models face as a base for my designs. Using the models faces meant i would get a better idea of the visual design and how to place the sculpt.

IMG_2658 IMG_2664 IMG_2682 IMG_2685

Photoshopping My Model…..

I wanted to have a play around with my model on photoshop and start to add upon my design on her face and body. I find this is a good visual way of creating my design as well as hand drawing.  This gives me a better understanding of how the makeup my virtually look.

Katie veins 2


For this image i just used a side view image of my model, and used a quick drawing of veins i did and emerged them together, to get a rough idea, and experimental piece.

In The images below i have used photoshop to create veins on my models face, i have combined two images, one with veins and my originals models photo. I really like my idea of the veins and i want them to run up the neck and start to emerge on the face. i love this idea but i think the red is too much, i think i would rather it be a darker, purple or blue vein.

veins on legsKate veins up the neck






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