Development of Ideas..

Once i had decided upon the idea, i had to dig deeper and develop upon what i wanted to create. I found that Pintrest is a great way to research and find images to help forward my ideas, and designs. I found a number of images that inspire my ideas and create a drive in my project. These images all bring  similar traits, they show the transformation and combination of human blood and animal or mystical creature traits. From these images i want to take a combination of each of these and my initial image to create a simple but beautiful creature within a woman’s body.


5ddda13cf2190336aee2e72111dd0a00 1e33f5841f411b99d401fd8b52c50eeb 2023aa32c41c4a619eb87cb64f60568e 26581fc3f3a7ebe466a6b39cd8838649 39932f5e9e57f9058634d83da9a6b436 a8834d89e75a3905f625e51e17a147ec d589a57b54bda58a766479553d5ad35b e1838ccfaabcc4c6e61c36eaa9f9fb6e f9180843472f34bff0d085189364a89eIn The images above i really like the idea of the mystical creature, that the beautiful woman has transformed.  I liked the idea that her skin has been stretched and mortified. The last image is very like what i can imagine, although it is animated.



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