Negotiated Makeup project

Starting the next project I was very excited, The Negotiated makeup is a great way for us to step up and create something that we are really interesting in and experiment more with where we want to go in the future. It gives us the oppurtunity  to draw up practical and professional knowledge and skills, We have to write up our own proposals outlining our own brief. Through this project i will demonstrate a professional and creative approach to my problem solving and produce work that i can work effectively in my chosen area. This Will run for 15 weeks and will be a combination of practical, technical and professional development in all makeup practices.

For My ‘NMP’ i have wrote my own proposal to outline a brief of what i am intending on creating and goals i am wanting to reach within the time frame.  My proposal will state what i am hoping to do and give an outline of how, and in what context i would like to work.

My Proposal 

This project will be based upon the art of myths and legends, a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining a natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events. This will be a design that takes alive the creatures that are believed to be old folks tales. Ideas taken from old folklores and other sources of inspiration will lead this project to a end makeup, Depending on the complexity of makeup ideas this will lead to one or two finishing makeup designs. From this this makeup is aiming to be used for a series of photos, showing the development of the creature or a film with the body transformation. This unit will be prosthetic based.  This will show a range of skills from sculpting, applying and painting, using a variety of techniques/ materials, airbrushing, moulds, fibreglassing and silicone. This will demonstrate the awareness and skills that has been developed as a makeup artist.

The research to back up ideas and continue the development of this project will range, from using a variety of sources, from books, magazines, and reliable Internet sources. The research will look into old myths and legends and modern version of television series/ movies that can relate to the transformation of human to creature, a living folklore. The research will look at deeper meanings behind the folklores and how the mind develops these creatures of the body. One film that is inspirational is ‘Black swan’ the idea of the creature being a figure of her imagination. As well as this, looking at different types of animals, Birds.

Evidence of the work and development of this project will be recorded on a visual blog/log book; this will include research running through makeup designs and test makeups leading to final designs and images.

The Makeup will take up to 3 hours to complete and will be using one female model.

This information will be combined with personal inspiration and designs will create a unique fantasy creature in the process of transformation. A Critical evaluation of the final project will show academic ability to write and develop upon work, and professional skills throughout the makeup applications.


Presentation For myths and legends


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