Initial ideas

For my initial ideas, i was brainstorming a lot, i knew this project was completely open with compromise to extremity, so i wanted to use my skills to the best of my ability for example, i wanted to try and specialise in a particular pathway, and try and develop and make this skill stronger, I am really interested and enjoy prosthetics, i feel this is where my strengths lie, but i am also very interested in fantasy makeup, i love makeups such as, avatar, pirates of Caribbean, any makeup that recreates a fun, mysterious creature.

For this i have created a brainstorm which i have displayed in my log book, a smaller image is provided bellow.

The brainstorm give me a bases to start my research and from this i developed and found where i wanted to work and how!

I started looking at bill Turpin’s work as i find him very intriguing, i research about him in a previous project but didn’t have call to use his work, as his work really interests me i really wanted to start my research off with him, and use his work to inspire a piece of my own that works in the same kind of method.

He work very differently to most makeup artists, he uses fashion makeup and mixes it with prosthetics to create photo shoots and advertisements, this started my thoughts on advertisements and could i do a campaign about an issue i feel strongly about?


These images are his portraiture images, this is made quirky with prosthetics, they continue with normal smiles as if they are ‘normal’. Bill has given each of them some sort of disease to the face, but still when i look at these images, i think WOW, Beautiful! He also apples prosthetics as if it is growing from the skin, This usually includes, horns, hoofs, antlers, all items which resend form an animal. The rest of the image is really beautiful editorial shot, this just mixes it up!


I am really intrigued by his adverts and campaigns. They are really cleverly done, but using prosthetics it effects people straight away and has a brilliant effect. His image through using prosthetics look realistic and are eye capturing to the viewers, this is defiantly a way to capture attention and make awareness of diseases, illness, accidents even to promote items, this makes products more appealing and from this his clients will receive more purchases.

01 04 tiger beer

from this it has i really want to look into advertising and ways to intrigue customers, and make an image effective and eye capturing, also from this i want i want to looks at makeups that shows a transformation between human and animal.

This leaded me onto searching through makeup books of prosthetics and fantasy in the library, i came across a really helpful book, complete guide to special effects, by Japanese makeup artists. This had a lot of fantastic ideas, and creative makeups, i still wasn’t sure about what i wanted to do as i had such a wide scope to work with, but then i came along a amazing makeup image in this book


This really inspired me for my idea, it was really similar in concept to bill turpin and his idea of an animal growing from beneath the skin, its relates to some kind of bird creature, This is a really strong intriguing image. I love the effect of the distorted prosthetic on the face, with tentacle like tails coming from this, combined with feathers. This is a beautifully sculpted piece, which is made by amazing colouring and artistry adding beads and feathers all over. This is also quite mask looking. i like the idea of whats behind the mask ‘behind the mask’. This makes you question about people hiding behind makeup and themselves or a front they put on. From this i have decided to look at a film that this image really inspired me to watch, and i felt this makeup if in context would fit perfectly.

The Black Swan

The black swan is a weird but brilliant film, in my log i have wrote a detailed description of the plot,

“In Darren Aronofsky’s psychological thriller “Black Swan,” an increasingly imbalanced ballerina, Nina Sayers (Natalie      Portman), struggles to break free of her inhibitions. Cast as the lead in a production of “Swan Lake,” Nina perfectly embodies the purity and reserve of the white swan but falls well short of finding the aggressive sexuality and passion of its counterpart, the black swan. She is pushed ever harder by the company director to let loose, to go beyond the technical aspects of the dance and find the emotional resonance of the darker character. Yet, through weeks of rehearsals, she never captures it. The night of the show, as Nina’s mental state grows ever shakier, she suddenly breaks free to transform, quite literally, into  the stunning and seductive black as Tchaikovsky’s score thunders around her.”

This film you have to read into it, its a physiological film, its got deeper meaning behind it rather than just entertaining. It highlights people that start to imagine themselves as something else, as a result of stress or anger. This is shown within the film through the actress that plays the black swan. The pressure to become sexy and seductive gets to her, and she feels herself unable to control herself, her mind or, her body. From this she becomes the actual ‘BlackSwan’. Is this all in her mind? Is it all an illusion?

The makeup in the film is amazing. when we see the full breakout of the makeup it isn’t a close view/shot, it is also a moving shot of her twirling. This is still very beautiful. The close up makeup effect, is when she is scratching her skin, and pull a feather from underneath. This is displaying that underneath her skin is actually swans fathers waiting to bust out, this leads up to the ending makeup.

These images are screen shots from the film. there isn’t any still shots of the makeup, in a way these are very effective, as they show the makeup in development.

The short clip shows the transformation between human into a swan, it shows the break through of the feathers through the skin and into wings. when watching this i kept wondering what it would be like if the prosthetics where bigger, and the face even transform, as at the moment it is just the body and the changing colour of her eyes to portray anger. This has made me also think of other films and ideas relating to human transformation and the ideas behind the concepts.

Human transformation is seen regularly in todays film industry, following from back swan, there is also, Xmen, and Twlight.  They both use human that develop into animals or supernatural heroes or creatures.  These are both different to black swan as these are meant to be reality more than phycological.

article-2284092-04B68734000005DC-142_634x368 fantastic-four-original George_mid-transformation Metamorphosis_5 Metamorphosis_7 new-moon-werewolf snake-inspired-transformation-taylor-jamess-human-metamorphosis TRANSFORMATION


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